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Rock Terra Inc serves the Niagara Region and brings over 25 years of landscaping experience to the business. Our landscapers are fully licensed and insured, and have handled a wide variety of landscaping, rock work projects, among others. Whether you need a full design and installation of pond, or interlocking brick work, we take the time to do a professional job.

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Our landscaping experts have been helping Niagara residents with their rock work, interlock stone walls, and patios – plus everything in between for over 3 years.

Rock Work / Armour Stone

The creative use of rocks is an ideal hardscape material that can bring intricate beauty to your outdoor escape.


Interlocking stone can be added to your yard or patio to transform it into a modern relaxing space. We can customize it to match your personal design in order to make a space that will appeal to your aesthetics and give you peace of mind.

Landscape Design

With over 25 years experience in horticulture. We can make your outdoor green space more luscious and beautiful to match your dream home.


Designing the ideal pond takes work, and can be very complex, however we work with you to make your design come to life. We can change a simple pond to a more extravagant piece based with our professional team.

Land Clearing

Our land clearing services encompass the efficient removal of brush and trees, preparing the terrain for seamless development. Trust us to create a clean slate, ensuring your land is ready for the next phase of its transformation.

Driveway Expansion

Professional driveway expansion services provide seamless solutions to enhance your property’s accessibility and aesthetics, delivering exceptional results that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Drainage Solutions

Specializing in landscape construction, our company is dedicated to tackling water-related challenges through expert drainage system installations and customized solutions for efficient water management, ensuring optimal functionality and eco-friendly sustainability.
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